The player has buttons on the bottom-left of the animation.
Use the buttons to pause, reset (go back), play (resume playing) the animation.

I wrote a script and they rejected it

I wrote a script based on Windows Batch and it was really neat. It relieved me from the boring parts of a certain task.
When I gave it to fellow workers I found out that they did not want to have it!
They told me in so many words

I wrote a script and they started to use it

I started experimenting with the windows explorer and found that you can drag and drop files onto another file (i.e. my script).
The dropped files are accessed as command line parameters %1,%2 ....
I used the SHIFT /1 command to handle an unknown amount of parameters (may exceed 10 parameters).
Finally I added a while like looping construct and I was done. After the rewrite there was no more need for typing.

By eliminating all typing my fellow workers start to become users of windows batch.
Some of them liked my script so much that they confided that they now think that windows batch is worth a second look

Even if that means that I have to let you make me type a command

batchexample_drop_many_files_on_me.bat (right click on link to download)
animation_file (right click on link to download)

Refresh this page to see the animation again.

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